Lunesdale surgery has become a ‘research active’ practice which means we take part in research studies supported by the National Institute for Health Research which is a branch of the NHS. 

Research is essential to improve patient care and enhance knowledge on how to treat conditions and prevent illnesses. 

If eligible to take part in one of the studies you may be contacted, however you are under no obligation to participate. You can choose to opt-out and this will not impact on the care provided to you. 

Volunteering to get involved may mean filling in questionnaires, surveys, talking to one of the research team, or trialling a new treatment or drug. You can also find out more information about research at the National Institute for Health Research website

We are also signed up to the Research Surveillance Network which involves taking throat swabs in patients with respiratory infections such as flu, coughs, colds and chest infections. This helps to monitor the types of infections that are circulating in the community and the effectiveness of vaccines. You can find out more information via this link 

We follow strict guidelines on making sure your data is confidential.  

You can find out more information on this link UK GDPR guidance and resources | ICO

We are extremely grateful for your support and participation with research.